Food Facts

What the !%@^ are you eating?!?
What are they?
Additives in processed foods used to prolong shelf life and maintain texture.
What’s the problem?
Animal studies show they alter and thin the mucus lining in the intestines which may cause...

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Food Facts

3 Fun Facts About Pie

Who doesn’t love a slice of pie?
Here are 3 facts you didn’t know about this American classic dessert!
1. Crusty container
The crust of...

Food Facts

5 Fun Facts About Pancakes

Who doesn’t love some fluffy pancakes!
5 Things you must know about pancakes:
1. Holy Pancakes
It’s believed that during medieval times, the...

Food Facts

4 Fun Facts About Tacos

Did someone say tacos?!
Here are some fun facts about one of our favorite plates:
1. Explosive tacos
The word “taco” arose in the silver mines of...

Food Facts

Is Food Coma Even Real?

Is food coma a real thing?
When you’re stuffed, more blood and energy is required for digestion, leaving less for the rest of your body. This...