lips and chili pepper

3 oils & powders that plump lips by improving blood flow & circulation
1. Capsicum oil
It gives chili peppers their spice. DIY your own plumper by adding only 1-2 drops of capsicum oil into your favorite lip gloss.
2. Cinnamon powder

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sugar in white cup

What Sugar Does to Your Skin

Do you know what too much sugar does to your skin & body?
1. It can cause inflammation
Inflammation can produce enzymes that break down...


Alcohol Ruins Your Beauty!

Booze gives you a buzz… But drinking too much can negatively impact your health & beauty.
1. It can cause dehydration
Even mild dehydration...

happy smiling cheerful beautiful blond woman

5 Tips to Kiss Wrinkles Goodbye

With age, comes wisdom. Wonderful! But it also brings something else, wrinkles! None of us is excluded from the tell tale signs of getting older. But...

consultation of a wart

Best at Home Wart Remedies

Do you have a wart? Gross!… Just kidding! Here are 3 at home remedies you can try right now.
1. Lather on salicylic acid
It softens skin layers...

Surprised woman

3 Skincare Myths Busted

You probably avoid oil-based skin care products thinking they’ll clog your pores, right? Or, you think dark spots are unavoidable. Actually...