cranberry in a round bowls

Glam By Natalie gives us her best treatment for after the holidays with this cranberry holiday face mask 
Boil 6 tbsp fresh cranberries for 5 minutes, rinse and mash in a bowl.
Mix in:

3 tbsp all natural Greek yogurt
1 tbsp extra virgin olive...

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DIY Lemon Mask for Silky Hair

Add shine to your strands with this lemon hair mask

5 tbsp fresh lemon juice
5 tsp olive oil

Work through your hair from roots to tips. Leave...

sugar in white cup

What Sugar Does to Your Skin

Do you know what too much sugar does to your skin & body?
1. It can cause inflammation
Inflammation can produce enzymes that break down...


Alcohol Ruins Your Beauty!

Booze gives you a buzz… But drinking too much can negatively impact your health & beauty.
1. It can cause dehydration
Even mild dehydration...