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Abs are made in the kitchen!
Eat this for a six pack 
1. Grapefruit
It can reduce bodyweight & inches around the waistline.
2. Greek Yogurt
It’s a good source of the amino acid arginine which was found to promote fat loss while increasing...

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Female swimmer

Grandma Didn’t Know Best!

Let’s play a game. True or false?
You should never go for a swim within one hour of eating.
FALSE! That old wives tale is a myth but it...

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Bounce Into Fitness

Jump into getting fit with rebound boots!
Rebound boots are designed to soften the blow of your feet hitting the ground during exercise! Dr. Carol...

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Tone Your Tush in No Time

Fitness Moves That Lift Your Butt
Do you want to look as good leaving a room as you do when you first walk in? Well, we are going to show you how a...

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Tips to Make a Diet Stick

What are the most important things you need for sticking to a diet? (Besides the right foods of course!) Well, you also need to have willpower and...

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Easy Workouts While you Work

Do you sit all day at work, and hit the gym at night? Well, surprise, surprise you’re actually not getting enough exercise!
It’s true! Research...

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