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1. Peel garlic quickly, without crushing it.
The traditional method of peeling garlic involves smashing it and then removing the skin. While this is great if you want to go Godzilla and enjoy crushing garlic, there’s a way to peel garlic pain-free...

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Cheese platter

Make the Best Cheese Board

Wine and dine with the perfect cheese board
These are the types of cheese you’ll need:
Hard Cheese: Manchego or parmigiano


Add a New Twist to Your Pasta

Impress your guests with this simple – yet flavorful– ham tetrazzini!
Cook 1lb of boxed fettuccine according to the instructions. While...

Maracuya Sour

The Tropical Cocktail You Need

With this simple recipe, you can learn how to make a refreshing and tropical Passion Fruit pisco sour in no time.
What you need:

2oz pisco
1 oz...