drinking alcohol

Warning! A new and scary trend is hitting college campuses.
Drunkorexia is a practice that straddles the line between alcohol disorder and eating disorder. It’s gaining popularity among millennials looking to avoid weight-gain from booze or get a...

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different type of foods
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Best Diets for 2017

What’s the best diet for your health, wellness & weight?
U.S. news and world report is out with its annual best diet rankings.
Best overall...

groceries and money
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Pricier Is Not Healthier

Is looking down at your whole foods receipt one of the most painful parts of your week?
 Maybe it doesn’t have to be! A group of researchers at...

people holding 2017 banner
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Foods Trends of 2016

With 2017 just around the corner, there’s a lot of talk about new food trends. But what about the trends we were all hungry for in 2016?
Here’s a...

Pink Pineapple
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Pink Pineapple is Here

Feel like bringing some extra color to your fruit salad?
Pink pineapple is here to bring your #fruitbowl #foodporn to the next level!
The folks at...