7 Ways to Keep Your Brain Fit

When you think about keeping fit, you probably think about everything from your neck down…your heart, your stomach, your glutes, your legs. But what about your brain? It’s just as important to your overall health. Here are 7 proven ways to boost your brainpower for life.

1. Feed your brain well… a healthy, balanced diet will no only keep you slim, it will also keep you sharp. Research shows the right kind of fuel reduces the risk of brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In one study, people who ate fish, fruit, nuts and leafy greens had fewer memory problems.

2. Don’t forget the cardio! It gets your blood pumping…sending more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. In a recent study, people who did aerobic exercise on regular basis had significant increases in brain matter compared to those who only did stretching moves. Remember, something as simple as a brisk walk is great cardio.

3. Add some weights to your routine. Women who included two hours of weight training in their weekly workouts reported improved focus and decision-making skills.

4. Find time to meditate. Research shows it helps your brain stay young by maintaining gray matter and keeping neural networks…. strong. Those are the networks that allow your brain to function and communicate.

5. Socialize! It’s important to sped time with family and friends. These connections are vital to your personal well-being and sense of identity. People who isolate themselves have been shown to be at greater risk of developing dementia.

6. Read, write, play games. Mental stimulation from the time you’re a tot through your senior years is a proven way to keep what you got!

7. If you’re spiritual, express yourself! Research show its an effective way to fight stress…which can have a negative impact on your ability to learn and remember.  Instead, concentrate on a more peaceful existence.