Why You Should Take Lazy Days Before the Summer Ends!

While summer months are usually associated with relaxation and down time, there are actually some health benefits to the warmest season of the year.

Reasons why summer lazy times can be good for you.

Sweat is sweet.

After being cooped up inside for half the year, summer is the perfect excuse to step out and let out a little sweat. You don’t even have to try very hard to let out a good sweat in the summer months; let the sun do all the work for you. Sweat has been known to help fight infections and cleanse pores, keeping skin healthy. Just remember to put on plenty of sunscreen, at least half hour before going outside.

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Vitamin treatments are free.

Vitamin D to be exact. The Vitamin D that our body produces after exposure to the sun’s rays helps with hormonal balance. No wonder the winter months make us so cranky. Most people need just 15 to 20 minutes twice per week in the sun to feel the full effect of its Vitamin D kick-start. And once again, don’t forget to apply sunscreen that is at least SPF 30.

Vacations are healthy.

It turns out kicking off our shoes and disconnecting is just what the doctor ordered. Women who take two vacations per year are eight times less likely to develop coronary heart disease than women who only vacation once every six years. Taking a vacation from work may actually improve your productivity when you return, too. Stress impacts your decision-making abilities but after a vacation you are refreshed and less likely to make snap decisions.

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Activity levels are higher. The warm weather and longer hours of sunlight just make you want to get out there and get active, don’t they? Even a brisk hour-long walk can burn off 500 calories. So take advantage of that extra daylight and get some fresh air while you’re at it. So get out there get out of the house and enjoy some summer fun!