Do You Have Trouble Hearing In Noisy Places?

It’s frustrating, embarrassing and can even be harmful to your career: Not being able to hear what people are saying in noisy situations.

A new study may actually explain why so many are forced to fake their way through functions where ‘loud’ makes for lousy conversations.

Researchers call it “hidden hearing loss”

It’s different than typical hearing loss, where people can’t hear soft sounds well. People with hidden hearing loss pass regular hearing tests just fine. It’s when they get in a crowded bar or packed workspace that they end up muddling their way through.

Researchers studied young adults who may have regularly overexposed their ears to loud sounds and found ‘hidden hearing loss’ is associated with a disorder deep in the auditory system. It could also play a role in ringing in the ears. Experts say it’s not an official diagnosis, but it’s promising for frustrated patients.

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