15 Great Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

Not sure what to give that special someone on your holiday list? What better present than the gift of fitness? With more options than ever, we’ve put together our favorite gear and gadgets to help anyone on your list to keep fit, stay motivated, and exercise just a little bit easier.

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A mobile fitness device that consists of a belt and ankle straps (get your mind out of the gutter you Fifty Shades of Grey fiends!) with training options for inside or outside.  The DISQ’s lightweight belt goes where you do, to provide an adjustable and resistance-based workout – which means you can work out anytime, anywhere, and at any level.  Depending on the workout chosen (the purchase of a DISQ means you get two free workouts), the device app lets you set up a unique profile with personal goals that can be tracked, offers social support via other DISQ users, competitions and more. Available at DISQ, $300.

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Bowflex Boost
A 24-hour monitoring smart activity bracelet that tracks steps taken, distance walked, calories burned and sleep quality – while letting you personalize daily goals and view your fitness progress over time to help you stay active and on track.  With the latest Bluetooth® Smart technology, the Bowflex Boost band can also hold a charge for up to 11 days – so your exercise enthusiast will really have no excuse but to get up and get moving.  Ideal for iOS devices 4s and higher and comes with a free Bowflex Boost mobile app. Available at Bowflex Boost, $50.

Contour Kettle Bells No more bulk with these ergonomically designed Kettle bells that wrap around the wrist and forearm.  Each kettle bell comes with an Intro DVD that includes a 25-minute, cardio-pumping Intro to the Kettle bell Workout and a 9-minute Kettle bell Core Workout to get your heart pumping. Available at GoFit, $29+.

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The Ballet Physique DVD Collection
Don’t let the tutu terminology fool you – this is an intense workout that’s no joke!  The two-disc (and playground ball) set offers an Amped Up 45 minute workout and Signature Sculpt 60 minute workout.  Both routines are easy-to-follow, and feature modifications and advanced options – perfect for a beginner or a workout fanatic. Available at Amazon, $35.

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Gorilla Gym
A modular and versatile at-home gym solution, the Gorilla Gym lets you run, box, kick, swing, weight train, and just generally keep fit – in any doorway in your home. The Gym offers an opportunity to cross train all 11 muscle groups vital for a great body by combining cardio and strength training in a single workout. The Gym’s AirStraps allow you to use gravity and your own body weight to tailor a workout and the intensity that’s preferred. Get the core unit, or the Ultimate Fitness package, which includes the core Gorilla Gym frame, AirStraps, and the AirSpeed 11-11 Training Program DVD (that include 9 high-intensity 11-minute workouts). Available at Gorilla Gym, from $59.
Fitbit Flex
A wireless activity and sleep tracker, the Fitbit device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned during the day, and then tracks sleep quality and helps wake you in the morning. Check it out periodically throughout the day for real time stats, and see how you stack up against your own personal goals – and your friends’ (your leaderboard refreshes throughout the day so you’ll be able to know how you stack up against others on your list). There’s no better motivation than some healthy competition amongst friends! Available at Fitbit, $100.

Fusion Fit Disc with C3 Workout
A fantastic all-in-one full body workout, the Fusion Fit Disc and C3 Fusion workout covers it all – muscle conditioning, cardio and core, with a handy compact tool that can be used as a kettle bell, medicine ball, or dumb bell. This total-body solution features intense 45-second intervals of 10 movements (with 15 seconds of rest in between) that get the heart rate pumping to burn off those holiday calories. Available at Empower Fitness, $30.

Sony Sports MP3 Player
They’ll have no excuse but to keep moving with this wire-free, hands-free MP3 player.  Favorite songs can be dragged and dropped from any music service or desktop (Mac or PC).  The Sony Sports Player is waterproof and offers up to 8 hours of music playback.  Available in several colors (and earbud sizes) at Sony, $80.

Define Bottle
Fitness and health aficionados love this BPA and Phosphate-free, plastic and bamboo reusable bottle that includes a strainer separated compartment at the bottom for fresh fruit. The freezable base piece and lanyard assures a cooler, portable, fruit-infused drink all day long – be it at the gym, on the beach, or at the park. And, it disassembles for easy cleaning! Available at Define Bottle, from $15.

Zumba Fitness World Party
The game takes players on a fitness adventure like never before with different dance styles, music from some of today’s hottest artists (think: Pitbull and Lady Gaga), and the cultures from seven different countries (including Brazil). The Zumba Fitness World Party burns off calories easily with any one of the 40 routines, and over a dozen celebrity instructors. Available at Toys R Us (for Nintendo Wii, Wii U or Xbox 360), $50.

Already Torn Long Sleeve Tee
A fun ’n sexy throwback to the 80’s, this off the shoulder tee is great to wear to and from the gym, or is the perfect top to inspire anyone to shake-what-your-mama-gave-ya in the next Zumba class.  The tee can be worn alone, or paired with the matching Slash-O-Rama Leggings to really kick a workout up a notch. Available at Zumba Fitness, $38 – $49.

Lock Laces
The best performance lacing system that’s engineered to meet the demands of any fitness enthusiast, be it a runner, walker, boxer or zumba fanatic!  A great stocking stuffer that comes in multiple colors, the Lock Laces mean you’ll never have to tie shoelaces again. Available at Lock Laces, $8-$9.
EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale
An innovative and accurate gadget, the Precision GetFit scale is used to monitor and analyze body composition, which allows users to quickly and easily measure  body weight, body fat, muscle mass, along with total body water and bone mass. Other great features include an Automatic User Identification System (for up 8 users that the scale will automatically identify when they stand on it), and a large (3.5” LCD) easy-to-read, Touch Screen interface. Available at Eat Smart, $45.

Rexist 360 Resistance Bands
Lightweight and easy to carry (great for travelers), the Rexist 360 Resistane Bands are made from a revolutionary soft, flexible material that attaches easily and fits any body type like a glove. Designed to intensify a workout, regardless of the fitness level, the bands take unwanted pressure of the back, knees and ankles. A Rexist 360 kit includes: 4 Bands (which come in multiple grade levels that the user can scale up or down), 2 Neoprene Cuffs, a Rexist Nutrition Plan (available online), an exercise DVD and mesh bag. Available at Rexist 360, $80.

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Didn’t think you could love Kate Hudson any more? Just wait! She’s now got a new athletic wear line where everything retails for under $60!  What’s even more exciting?  There’s a VIP Membership so you can shop and purchase complete workout gear each month (for yourself or your loved one!), and complete outfits for VIP Members start at only $49.95. Available at Fabletics.

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