4 Thigh-Trimming Booty Camp Moves

If you’re behind on working your backside and afraid you’re going to jiggle down the beach this summer, it’s time to stop making excuses and start getting your butt in gear!

I teach a Rear Attitude class at Crunch in Manhattan, and my Booty Camp DVD is my most popular. You might say that I’m a booty specialist, and I’ve discovered that the key to toning that tush is cardio mixed with muscle toning (plyometrics). Here are 4 moves that’ll trim your inner and outer thighs and give your booty a boost.

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Jumping Lunge Start with your feet together and hands on your hips. Jump up and land in a right lunge with your knee directly over the ankle and left leg behind. Jump again and switch legs so you can land in a left lunge with the left knee directly over the ankle. That makes one rep. Do 15 total per set.

Jumping Plié
Do 20 jumping jacks. On the final one, land in a squat position with toes and knees pointing out to the side. Make sure your knees are over your ankles in a plié. Hop up and bring feet and knees together to land in a closed squat like you are sitting in a char. That makes one rep. Jump back into the plié squat and repeat for 15 reps.

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Plyo Power
Stand straight up with your feet together and hands raised, making fists and blocking your face. Kick your right foot forward, leading with the knee and finishing with a flexed foot. Lower your right leg to the floor and step the left leg back into a wide lunge. Keep your right hand on your right leg and touch the floor with your left hand. Hop back to start. Do 15 on the right, and then do 15 jumping jacks. Repeat 15 on the left side.

Cardio Side Kick Plié
This is the mother of all booty camp moves because it works your inner thighs, outer thighs, and glutes.

Stance: For a left side-kick, put your weight on your right leg with the knee and toe pointing out to the side at forty-five degrees.

Chamber: Think of the kick in four counts. Count one is hinging at the hip and dropping your right shoulder to the right, kicking the core into action while bending your left leg and bringing the left knee toward your navel.

Impact: This is count two. The common mistake is to kick to the side with your toe pointing to the sky. To correct this, flex the foot and straighten the left leg and impact with your heel diagonally up and toe diagonally down. Think of it like this, if you’re inside a room, your heel should aim for the corner where the back wall and the ceiling meet. Your toe should point to where the floor and front wall meet on the other side of the room. Another way to visualize this is that your front hip bone or ‘front pocket’ of your kicking leg should turn down toward the floor and your ‘back pocket’ should be rotated up to the ceiling. Look at your foot with each kick to ensure appropriate form. As you kick, drop your opposite shoulder toward the floor and your obliques will work to get the kick up in the air.

Retract: For count three, quickly retract the knee back towards the core and place foot back to the floor for count four.

Trainer’s Tip: Adjust your target height. If you find it difficult to align your kick properly, instead of aiming for your opponent’s head, aim for the stomach or knee. Master the foot alignment first, then work on the height. Even with a kick aimed at the (imaginary) opponent’s knee, you are challenging your core and backside.

Repeat these four moves in three sets for a great cardio burn and booty boost. Tone your bum and then some!

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