5 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories Fast

I have no time to go to the gym. Sound familiar? Here’s the deal: you don’t have to hit the gym to burn calories and tone up. You can do it by tackling your to-do list. Here are five quick and easy ways to burn 100 or more calories without really trying.

1. Clean the house. Make the beds, mop the floor, vacuum. You can burn up to 300 calories an hour making your home spotless!

2. Get your groove on. Practice a few salsa moves while cooking dinner-or have an impromptu family dance party. Simply moving to the music can burn more than 350 calories an hour. You’ll not only boost your energy level-but improve your mood, too

3. Walk the dog. Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories without really trying. You can burn 150 on a relaxing two-mile walk. Don’t have a dog? Encourage your kids or partner to come with you. The added bonus: time together

4. Get down and dirty- in the garden. Trim some trees, rake some leaves, plant some flowers. Tidying up your yard really works your muscles-the harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn. Mowing the lawn can burn up to 200 in 30 minutes.

5. Shoot some hoops. Grab a basketball, and act like a kid. You’ll burn about 150 calories each half-hour. If b-ball’s not your style, play a good old-fashioned game of horse with your partner or kids. It’s great exercise.

Remember, before making a dramatic change in your exercise routine, talk to your doctor.