5 Minute Office Friendly Workout

Docs say that getting off your ‘tush’ can help you live longer and look better. If you find yourself camped out at your computer at the office for hours and hours, you’re not doing yourself any favors. So get the blood flowing and engage your brain and your muscles while at work so you can fire up your body with these easy office moves.

So lets get started, you can even do this first move in high heels. It’s a chair squat. We aware that if your chair’s on wheels it might roll, so you’re just going to tap your tush and stand. Squeeze your glutes. If you’re just beginning you might want to hold on to the handles to help you and you could all the way come to sitting and standing. But once you get stronger, do twenty of these up and down.

Next grab the only piece of gym equipment you need in the office. Its light and its easy to carry around-your exercise tubing or bands. So the first move will work your upper back, you’re going to take your feet under the band, wrap it around. Lean forward so that your ribcage is on your quadriceps then lift your elbows to the sky and lower. If you want more of a challenge, you can take it out to the side for a Fly. Down and squeeze. Down and squeeze. I would do 15 to 20 of each rep.

Next up while you’re standing here, you can come to standing and do bicep curls. So you don’t have to move the feet at all and just lift and lower. Each of these exercises can be d-done-twenty times. Lift and lower. Lift and l-lower. Don’t forget to breathe.

Next up we’ll get triceps. So if you have a chair with wheels you might want to turn it around against your desk do it doesn’t roll. So once you are safely hooked in, place your hands by your hips, lift your butt off the chair, feet straight, lower and straighten. So your elbows bend and then come right back to straight. I would do twenty of these as well. Hitting the back of the arms so we work the biceps and triceps, getting a full range of motion there.

Finally we’re going to do some desk pushups. Push your chair all the way back, nice wide stance with the hands. Bring your chest to the desk and push back. Do twenty of these.

So when you’re done with your pushups, you’ll have a great workout where you have 20 pushups, 20 squats, 20 biceps, triceps and upper back moves. If you do that workout when you come in say 9 o’ clock you come to work you start at the top of the hour 10 o’clock is your first set-go all the way through to 5 o’clock you’ll have 35 minutes of workout done by the time you leave work.

And it energizes you, wakes you up if you continue to do this through out the day, you’ll need less coffee and then drink more water instead of coffee which has added health benefits. All that really gets the blood flowing to brain as well-to help you focus at work.


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Nicole Glor

Nicole Glor is a fitness expert, author of The Slimnastics Workout, a freelance fitness writer, and the star of 11 fitness DVDs/Videos/Apps. Nikki's "Slimnastics" exercises have been featured in over 100 national media outlets including the New York Times, Live! With Kelly and Michael, Fox & Friends, GMA Health, Shape, Self, Fitness, and Women's Health. Her "Improve the Move" workouts focus on multitasking toning and plyomentric cardio intervals (HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training) to cut workout time in half and boost metabolism. Nikki is an AFAA certified NYC personal (and celebrity) trainer, group fitness instructor at Crunch in Manhattan, and a 200hr RYT YogaFit/Yoga Alliance trained yoga instructor. Nikki got her start in fitness as a Syracuse University Cheerleader, where she graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Newhouse School. Her music playlists, video demos and DVDs can be found at www.nikkifitness.com