5 Ways to Avoid Workout Burnout

Are you getting burned out from too much exercise? You may be doing something wrong.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid it:

1. Rest and recover

  • Take 1-2 days off each week
  • No 5 mile run
  • No hour-long spin class
  • No killer weight session

But that doesn’t mean you should become a couch potato!  Take a leisurely walk. Try 10 minutes of basic stretching.

2. Change it up

Rotate between 3 different routines each week and change the scenery. Plus, every 3 months, add a completely new kind of exercise to your arsenal.

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3. Vary the intensity

Try high, moderate, low, interval! Switch up the intensity, speed, strength, effort and length.

4. Find a partner

A partner keeps you motivated to show up and perform and they help you fill your social calendar!

5. Sleep, feed, hydrate for power

Get enough sleep. Make healthy food choices and drink plenty of water!

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