Bounce Into Fitness

Jump into getting fit with rebound boots!

Rebound boots are designed to soften the blow of your feet hitting the ground during exercise! Dr. Carol Frey, MD, an orthopedic surgeon says: “The rebound shoe does cut down on the stress that goes through your tibia, or your shin bone, so shin splints and stress fractures in the long bone of the legs, that is cut down on.”

Although some medical experts also caution it may cause blisters, arch strain or pain. After adjusting to the 6in height difference, this exercise is very challenging, But research has shown you get a bigger workout. Dianne Clemente, trainer for Kangoo Jumps says: You get more out of your workout than any regular workout.”

Fitness fan Mitchell Wayne is bouncing into this fitness trend. He says: “I have bad knees, i have bad ankles, bad hips, but when i use these boots, i can stay in them for hours and i’m perfectly fine.”

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