When Extreme Exercise Isn’t Enough

Imagine an exercise class so hard it makes CrossFit seem like child’s play.

Extreme exercise classes, designed exclusively for the cream of the fitness crop, are popping up in gyms.

The high intensity interval training classes are so grueling, you have to be invited or approved to attend.

The one we visited combined rounds of:

  • Kettle bell throws
  • Pull-ups

And these aren’t your mamas push- ups! Sure, CrossFit has some of these moves, but here no modifications are allowed and everyone keeps score.

There are underground classes, and even a girls’ only secret class. Experts say ‘next level’ fitness is fine as long as you have a certified trainer and listen to your body.

If you push too far, you risk:

  • Muscle pulls
  • Tendon problems
  • Low back pain

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