Get Your Geek on While Getting in Shape!

Do you ever want to work out but feel the gym is just so boring? A new trend in exercise is anything but! So-called geek-friendly gyms and online fitness communities are popping up across the country… and every workout is a new adventure!

Video gaming may conjure images of a couch potato, but this new fitness push is aimed at getting gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts and other self-proclaimed nerds going… at a time when research shows sitting too long can be a health hazard.

Workouts mix motivation with popular nerd culture… from star wars to superheroes. Some even include costumes! It’s all meant for fun… and to create a comfortable environment for those who might not normally feel at home during a sweat session.

Popular culture may draw them in for everything from basic weight training and boot camp style workouts to yoga and mixed martial arts…. but, participants say it’s the personal connections that keep people coming back.

Fitness experts say getting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week has tremendous health benefits… including increased energy and better sleep. And hey! If you happen to be wearing a costume while doing it, that works too!