Don’t Swim And Eat?

Let’s play a game. True or false?

You should never go for a swim within one hour of eating.

FALSE! That old wives tale is a myth but it originated from the idea that digestion redirects blood flow to the stomach and away from the muscles that are needed for swimming.

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This can lead to cramps, which puts you at a greater risk of drowning. Studies have even been done to prove all our of grandmothers and mothers wrong. Each study concluded that there was no major difference between the swimmers who waited and those who did not wait to take a dip in the pool after eating a meal.

Now swimming and alcohol. Well that’s a different story. A study of hundreds of drowning deaths among adults found that 41% were booze related. So, stick to drinking water, before getting in the water. And as for what kind of foods to eat before swimming?

Eat some bananas to help prevent muscle cramps and raisins for your source of energy boosting carbs.

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