How Jennifer Garner Tricked Herself Into Losing The Baby Weight

There are movie stars who seem to live on another planet…and then there is Jennifer Garner.

She is one of us.

Maybe it’s all those trips to the farmer’s market sans makeup with paparazzi lurking with her kids, or the fact that on a Los Angeles playground she gets out there, romps around and plays. Or maybe it’s the fact that Jennifer has just about the best tip in the world to slim down for summer in a healthy way. She says it’s the way she lost the baby weight each time.

“I promise myself that I’m going to just do 10 minutes on the treadmill. Ten little minutes. That’s it!” she says with a laugh during our phone interview. “I promise you one thing. Once you’re on the treadmill for 10 minutes, you usually get your second wind and will stay on much longer.

“It’s the getting on part that’s hard — and who doesn’t have a measly ten minutes?” says the mother of Violet, Seraphina and toddler Sam Affleck.

Her attitude towards beauty is just as refreshing. “I lack even a healthy vanity about what I look like going out in the world. I’m not gifted in that way some people are when they throw on anything and it hangs on them perfectly,” she says.

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“As a mom of three, I have to be practical about getting dressed,” she says.

One thing irks her: “I just don’t understand putting on high-heeled wedgie shoes and going to the farmer’s market with your kids. I’m not a stiletto mom. I’ve seen them in action and they still get it done. I have to chase a kid in flats.”

She says letting go of the idea of “perfection” in beauty or in life is key.

“Yeah, you want to be perfect. But you have to learn to let go of that feeling. It’s better to just say, ‘I feel healthy,’” she says. “I had a friend who just had a baby this week. I’ve already been telling her, ‘You’re doing great. Don’t judge yourself.’”

Garner says that “eating right plays a big part. Fresh fruits and veggies are key. You want to teach your kids those great habits for lifelong good health.”

Garner also keeps the house as stress-free as possible. “Believe it or not, they’re not interested in seeing us on screen. They just want us to be Mom and Dad,” she says.

How is Oscar winning Ben on the Daddy front? She tells the story of Affleck returning home after seven long days away on a set.

“He hadn’t seen the kids in a week. The minute his feet actually hit the driveway, Ben had two girls hoisted up in the air – one kid in each arm.

“He looked at me with the biggest, happiest smile on his face,” says Garner. “As a parent, he really earns it.”

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