How to Dress Your Way to Slim


I am far from what most people in the fashion industry would call “slim.” I’ve got boobs, hips and thighs that I inherited from my mother (and her mother before that). I’ve floated between a size 10 and a size 12 for most of my life. And instead of trying to fight against what I was blessed with, I have learned to accentuate those curves and – using the sneakiest of wardrobe tricks – dress myself slim.

With most women in this country being a size 14, perhaps it’s time for us to try simply changing our clothes instead of constantly trying to change our bodies. I think we could all certainly use a good dose of positivity when we’re getting dressed in the morning. If we’re wearing things that make us feel fabulous, then only good things can happen, right?

I’ve put together some simple rules that I personally always try to follow when I am shopping for clothes and putting together outfits.

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