How to Get a Yoga Booty

One of the perks of Yoga among many things, is Yoga butt. People use this term to describe how toned your booty can get when you’re doing lots of yoga moves including: warriors, lunges, and balance postures. I’ve been doing yoga for over fifteen years and I still get glute muscle soreness after each practice so I know it works. Here are three yoga flows that will tone and lift your glutes so you’ll be sporting a great yoga butt in no time.

So one of the best yoga flows is actually chair pose and we’ll start right in the beginning at your warm up with sun salutations. So normally you’d come and breathe up and then swan dive down into your sun salutation. Instead we’re going to include a chair flow. So you inhale up. And exhale sit back. So you’re dropping your tailbone, keeping the knees back, try not to lean forward too much, keep your heels on the floor-tighten the core.

You breathe up and exhale sitting down. Firing up the glutes and the quads. I would do about five of these and then every time you do a sun salutation include the chair and then swan dive forward.

Next we’ll do a low warrior flow. So once you’ve gotten into your down dog, you would come up into a crescent lunge typically, holding here. If you hold for five breaths you’ll really start to feel the glutes fire up in that bent leg.

Inhale and exhale here. And then pivot and find Warrior 2. So your abs are engaged, your back foot is on the floor turned at a 45 degree angle. You’re actually pushing into the back toes and also stretching forward through the front knee. Stand tall, inhale. Exhale, relaxing the shoulders and keep the shoulders and hips stacked over top of each other. You would hold here for 5 breaths.

And then lets flow. So then we’ll lean forward, flipping the top hand and leaning back into Warrior-Reverse Warrior. This is also called Peaceful Warrior. But it’s not peaceful for your glutes because that back glute is fired up along with the front. Keep the front knee bent, hold here for five breaths and then find side angle.

“In side angle you’re stacked, knee over ankle, shoulder over elbow and you’re’re not leaning into the pose and letting that shoulder rise up.”

Reaching through the top hand and back through the back foot. A straight line through your rib cage, hips, and foot, hold here for 5 breaths and then we flow for 5. So we take it back and inhale. Exhale side angle. Keep that knee bent. Inhale reverse or peaceful warrior, exhale side angle. “And then you can go right down and step back for your sun salutation

The very last warrior we’ll do for the booty is called Warrior Booty Boost. You balance on one foot and fold forward into Warrior 3. You can have your hands at heart center or by your sides or in front for increased stretch. Your back foot will be flexed like you’re pushing into a door behind you and your toes face the mat so your hips are in line

From here you bend your standing leg reach for the floor, and then come back up. Trying to keep your back parallel to the floor the entire time. And it helps to find a focal point on floor in front of you to stare at for balance. I would try to do ten of these and you’ll really feel it because its basically a one legged squat.



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