Indoor Exercise Tips from an Ironman

It might seem hard for the average Joe to feel Ironman-strong, especially when the cold weather keeps us hiding indoors. Dr. David Kulla, an New York City chiropractor and Ironman, shares five tips for staying fit while stuck inside:

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1.  Invest in a Bike Trainer

A bike trainer turns your outdoor bicycle into a stationary indoor bike for the wintertime. There are lots of variations in terms of price ranges and features, so Kulla recommends doing your homework before you snag one.

2.  When You Sit Down, Stand Back Up…Repeat

Squatting is a great way to stay fit indoors. Just keep your feet shoulder-width apart and act as if you’re sitting down until your knees reach a 90-degree angle. Make sure you’re not leaning forward, and then rise back up. The squat can be intensified and work more muscle groups by performing sets while holding hand weights and doing arm raises or curls. Got a bad back? Make sure you don’t place any weights on your shoulders, advises Kulla.

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3. Got a Floor? You’ve Got Great Workout Equipment.

Planking is an great exercise to perform at home. Think about holding a pushup, except placing the upper body weight on your elbows and forearms, instead of on the palms of your hands. Once you’re in the proper position, hold it. Try 30 seconds, eventually working up to 60. A plank works several different muscle groupings and efficiently improves core abdominal strength.

4.  Do Your “Ups”

Even though pushups and chin-ups seem like pretty basic exercises, they can do wonders for your upper body strength. Consider a spot in your home where you can place a chin up bar.

5. Do Your Best to Resist

According to Kulla, resistance training is your friend when it comes to training indoors. The goal is to compound a heavy lower body exercise with a heavy upper body exercise and keep the “rest-between” sets to a minimum. This way, heart rate is kept at a max, so you’re getting some cardio while gaining lean muscle mass.

So now you have no excuses to be glued to the couch when the weather keeps you inside. Don’t forget to stay on top of your cardio as well. How about running in place while watching TV?

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