Jump on the Celeb Bandwagon and ‘Pilox’ Your Way to a Leaner Body

One of the keys to sticking to a fitness regimen is mixing it up. That’s why Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen suggests getting off the treadmill, putting away the Pilates mat—or taking a break from any exercise that’s boring you into not shaping up.

Many stars, such as Hilary Duff, Heather Morris, Melissa McCarthy, Kirsten Dunst, Emmy Rossum, and Vanessa Hudgens are heading to her Piloxing fitness studio in Burbank, CA to burn fat, sculpt muscles and keep their routines interesting and fresh.

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Piloxing is a great gym alternative because it’s a unique fusion of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance, according to Jensen (a trained boxer and award-winning body builder). It will push you to burn up to 900 calories in an hour and help you build long and lean muscles without expensive and bulky exercise equipment. Plus you can do it at home with her Piloxing workout DVD!

KnowMore.tv sat down with Viveca and asked the CEO and Founder of Piloxing to dish out her best diet secrets to accompany this routine.

KM: Where do you stand on the whole carbs versus no carbs?

JENSEN: “I believe that your body needs carbs; plus, you need enough carbs for working out. You do need to focus on the good kinds of carbs, like brown rice and wheat bread. Don’t eat the type of carbs that are sugar and basically turn into fat.”

KM: What’s your typical breakfast when you want to drop a few pounds?

JENSEN: “For breakfast, I’ll eat oatmeal and an egg.The oatmeal is a slow-working carb, but you need the egg or egg whites for some protein, which will keep you satisfied. Again, you can have the carbs in oatmeal. I don’t believe in those quick-fix diets where you go no carbs. You can’t function that way for life—plus fad diets are just crazy.”

KM: What are your go-to lunches and dinners?

JENSEN: “For me, my lunch is salad with a different protein. I’ll do turkey, eggs, or fish and put it on top of a gorgeous salad. Add a little avocado for some good fat that will fill you up. Of course, don’t eat 20 slices of avocado! Make sure to check your dressing. It does no good to have a salad with rich, creamy dressing filled with sugars. Make your own balsamic vinaigrette or buy a store bought one that isn’t filled with sugar.”

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KM: How do you spice up a boring salad?

JENSEN: “I’ll add about ten nuts to the salad. Don’t add 1,000 calories of nuts, but a small handful for crunch—plus they fill you up.”

KM: Do you believe in counting calories?

JENSEN: “On my nutritional plan with my DVDs, I’m sensible about calories because they do count. I do about 1,500 calories a day and you will lose weight.”

KM: Will we be hungry?

JENSEN: “Some people are hungry in the evening, but that means that you’re burning your calories off. If I go towards 1,200 calories a day then I’m hungry. At 1,500 calories, I feel much better and I’m not so hungry.”

KM: What if you have to cheat?

JENSEN: “If you have to cheat once in awhile, my rule is you add another hour of working out. I’ll do that dessert with a meal, but the next day I’ll focus on salad and rice and lean proteins and add an extra hour-long workout. So, have that glass of wine when you’re out. You’re human. You have to live. But remember the rule: Each cheat means another hour of working out.”

KM: OK, I did my Piloxing today from the DVD, but then I ate a chocolate chip cookie (or three). What can I do if I have a little extra time in the name of good health and to burn off those cookies?

JENSEN: “Go for a nice, light jog or a bike ride. Or you can do a DVD two times that day or add an extra day where you weren’t going to workout…but you have to do it.”

KM: Do you advise clients to avoid diet cola?

JENSEN: “I don’t like anyone drinking diet soda or eating diet anything. Go for the most natural in any food or drink. When it comes to diet soda, it’s not natural. If you need sweetness in your diet, go for something natural like a little honey in tea or Stevia. I know so many women who are in their 40s and retaining water. They’re going through hormonal changes and the last thing you need is to add a lot of chemicals to your diet. We all know that the research on diet soda is not good, so cut it out of your life.”

KM: Give us one last great tip.

JENSEN:  “Make sure that your plate is pretty. That’s so appetizing. Add a few gorgeous sliced tomatoes on the side of your dinner. Also you should be creative and look for healthy recipes. For instance, my daughter is 14 and I made gluten free pancakes for us on weekends. I don’t go overboard. Remember that those pancakes are gluten free, but not calorie free. The end result is a delicious breakfast and I’ve made a healthy choice for both of us.”

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