Rock the Tank Top: Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Nicole Glor of Nikki Fitness is going to help you get rid of those bat wings that flap underneath your arms. That means tightening up those triceps.  You’ve seen normal tricep moves where maybe you’re doing a French press with a weight, some kickbacks, or tricep dips off a bench. We’re going to shake things up a bit.

So get into a side plank, your bottom leg is bent, top leg is straight. Lift your hips up, so already you’re engaging your abs. Take the weight five pounds over head, drop it behind the neck and up to the sky. We’ll do this for about twenty times. If you want to make it extra challenging you can involve the thighs by lifting and lowering the leg. So we call this one ‘Wings, Thighs, and a Six Pack’ because you are working your abs, your legs and your triceps.

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After twenty of those we’ll hit triceps push ups. Now these are much more challenging than regular push-ups because your hands are in close underneath your shoulders. And when you come down your elbows are in by your ribcage. So you’ll push up and down, you’ll feel the burn immediately in those triceps. And if you can go further maybe you try them on your toes. Those are extra hard. Remember you’re bringing your chest and stomach to the floor. Not dipping with your butt up in the air.

So after twenty of those we’ll flip over and try the Skull Crush. Be careful not to crush you skull on these. That’s why we named it so you remember it. You drop it down by the ears and up. And you can add a booty bridge if you’d like too for multitasking. So the key here is to keep the elbows to the ceiling, not bring them down like this. We want to isolate the triceps right here.

And then make it even more challenging by dropping the leg back and up. We do ten on each side, twenty, so three sets of twenty. Go back and forth, do all the moves, repeat them and do that three times a week and you’ll have those triceps nice and toned. No more bat wings!

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