Tone Your Tush in No Time

Fitness Moves That Lift Your Butt

Do you want to look as good leaving a room as you do when you first walk in? Well, we are going to show you how a stability ball, also known as a pysio ball, can be the difference between a weak backside and a strong and firm one that looks great no matter where you’re walking.

Using a Stability Ball

Ease your way over to the ball, nice and easy. And you’re going to place both feet gently up on top of the ball. Yes, you can use your hands to stabilize yourself at your sides so you don’t fall off the ball. And gently rest yourself down on your back just like this. Now dig both of your heels into the ball at the very top and pull them in towards your chest, just like this. Extend it back out nice and easy, and pull them right back in.

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And as you’re doing this, you’re going to feel it right in your hamstrings and gluts; you’re going to feel them firming and toning on every single repetition. Now if you want to move to a more advanced movement, rest that leg down on the side; we’re going to do isolations. Same movement, pulling that ball right in towards your chest and extending out. That heel is dug into the ball.

Now the key to doing this the proper way, conduct these exercises 3 times per week. Each time you pull the ball in towards your chest, you want to do 25 repetitions and 3 sets of them for a total of 75. You can rest 90 seconds between each set before you begin the next one. And you’ll be walking out that door feeling great in no time.

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