New Office Trend for a Healthier You

Done with sitting through yet another boring business meeting? Now you can take that meeting on the road… literally.

The newest work trend: walking meetings where you flush out ideas on the go.

Whether you put your heads together on a power walk or brainstorm on a treadmill, the idea is to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing. Walking meetings have a long history, favored by visionaries from Sigmund Freud to Steve Jobs.

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A pilot study at the University of Miami found that “changing just one seated meeting per week into a walking meeting increased the work-related physical activity levels of white-collar workers by 10 minutes.”

Bump up to 30 minutes/day and you’ll walk and talk yourself into the daily recommended level of activity set by the American Heart Association. Walking meetings are seen as so beneficial they’re now recommended as part of the federal dietary guidelines. And there may be other benefits with one Stanford study finding a marked increase in creative thinking when workers were walking versus sitting.

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