3 Perks Of Pumping Iron

If you’ve never pumped iron before, it is time to start. Not only can weightlifting improve your body composition, but it can also improve your overall health.

1. Post-workout caloric burn

During a strength training session you create an oxygen deficit that causes Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). After the session, your body elicits a greater EPOC effect to return to a pre-exercise state… compared to lower-intensity resistance training.

A higher EPOC = your body is burning more calories even after your workout is finished

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2. It helps your metabolism

Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. One of the reasons our metabolism slows down is because we lose lean muscle mass as we age. Strength training helps prevent a slowing metabolism by maintaining and building lean muscle.

3. It helps reduce cravings

Your body needs nutrients to build a lean, sculpted physique as you focus more on the foods you need for performance, and less on the foods you shouldn’t eat… Cravings tend to decrease & positive feelings towards food increase.

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