3 Yoga Life Principles To Live By

There are many forms of yoga and the relationship between these practices and nutrition are vital.

These 3 yogi life principles will help make you stronger from the inside out:

1. Your mouth is the gateway to the body

Awaken your energetic self with alkaline foods that help detoxify your liver and clean your blood stream. Alkaline foods like leafy greens, fresh herbs, seaweed and nuts help decrease the risk of cell damage. Making you feel more clear and balanced.

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2. Release & relax

The fresh air you breath and the toxins you release are key to a healthy yoga lifestyle. Jumpstart your morning with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice a powerful tonic that help flush out toxins from your body.

3. Gratitude is the attitude

In studies conducted by a famous Japanese scientist, consciousness was shown to have a deep effect on the molecular structure of matter. And that applies to food, water and all living things we ingest. It is part of the yogi culture to be grateful for our provisions.

Embrace an enriching yoga lifestyle one bite at a time and remember that you are what you eat.

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