Adults Only! Soda Pop with a Twist

Forget your traditional root beer. The newest and hippest trend in the liquor world is ‘hard’ or ‘spiked sodas.’

“I like it because it’s delicious.  It’s like drinking an awesome childhood drink, but in an adult way,” says Sarah Sirgro, a Hard Root Beer Drinker. That’s right…companies are taking what used to be just plain ‘ole soft drink flavors and adding booze.

Industry insider Brian Sudano says some brewers are getting creative. “So they’re pushing into this flavor business which was originally the domain of the spirit companies.” Flavors range from root beer to classic soda flavors like cherry cola, orange, lemon lime and ginger ale. While these drinks are popular with adults, experts warn parents need to stay on top of this new trend… so they can speak to their teens about it. But for those of you who are of age, look out for new flavors this year and remember to always drink responsibly.


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