Are You Ready to Pay More Taxes for Your Meat?

Is the way to better health more taxes? Several cities passed a soda tax in an effort to fight obesity and diabetes. There were lots of high fives among health advocates.

But how do you feel about a meat tax?

Researches say that a meat tax will globally reduce meat consumption, and cut carbon emissions by 1 billion tons per year! They also believe that it would save half a million lives each year since they assume more of us will start eating a plant-based diet.

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To determine the amount of tax for each dairy or meat product, they assessed its carbon emissions and its health affects.

The results? Beef ranked in the highest tax, with an average charge of 40% more, and other meats and milk racked in a charge up to 20%. By adding a 40% tax of beef, consumption is estimated to drop 13%.

Look we get it. We understand that too much red meat can cause obesity, heart disease and increase mortality rates. But we are going to punish all consumers even those who eat meat in moderation and in conjunction with a healthy diet? What’s next? A tax on french fries?

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