Lower Arsenic Levels In Your Rice

Due to the way it’s grown, rice can have much higher levels of arsenic than other cereal crops.

So how do you get rid of it… Or as much as possible?

Professor Andy Meharg from Queen’s University Belfast, recently conducted a series of experiments on the BBC testing arsenic levels in rice using different cooking methods. He tried two different methods. The first was soaking the rice overnight and then rinsing thoroughly with fresh water. The second was using 5 times as much water as rice when cooking the grain.

The results? Each of these methods proved successful in reducing arsenic levels. But the best results came when both methods were applied while preparing rice. When both methods were combined, levels of arsenic in the rice went down to only 18%. As compared to 43% for when only the 5:1 ratio method was applied.

If you want your rice to be as carcinogen free as possible, give it a try!

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