Know More About The Better Food Movement


Why the Better Food Movement?

“There’s a shift in consumer behavior; there’s a shift in consumer beliefs. They’re actively using food to take control of their own health.” Marion Marvil, director of marketing and strategic development for Natcom Global.

The Better Food Movement helps consumers KnowMore by bringing legislators, industry experts and citizens together to make better food a central part of everyday life.

“We want to bring all these people together and that goes the whole gamut, from restaurateurs, food manufacturers, farmers, entrepreneurs, food bloggers… We’re even looking at students and the next generation.“ Said Marion Marvil.

The Better Food Movement will tackle:

  • Food policy
  • Movement beyond meat
  • Food taxes/impact on health
  • The sugar wars

Knowing more about better food is nothing new to Dr. Eduardo Padron, a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree and the president of Miami Dade College. The college makes sure every elementary school in Miami Dade county has organic gardens.

“I think the Better Food Movement will provide the opportunity for citizens, and especially for students to be better educated consumers, to be better advocates, to be able to influence policy making for the better of society.” Eduardo J. Padrón, PH.D. President of Miami Dade College.

The Better Food Movement starts with an event but will launch a movement.

“So our goal really is simply to provide a platform where everybody can collaborate, can exchange ideas, and can learn from each other.” Marion Marvil

The Better Food Movement will take place Wednesday, February 22, 2017 in Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus.