Better Food Is Now The Highest Growing Trend. NYU Professor Marion Nestle Explains Why.

Are you hungry for change?

“Let me start by saying that we are in the middle of a food movement. All over the country there are people who are involved in trying to create a healthier and more sustainable food system, one that’s better for people and better for the planet,” said Dr. Marion Nestle, found of NYU’s Food Studies Program, food Activist & author.

Dr. Marion Nestle is calling on you to take food back!

“The worst public health problems in the world, the ones that affect the largest numbers of people, all have to do with food. The cost of junk foods is much cheaper than it used to be and the cost of healthier foods is much more expensive than it used to be. So, what we have is a food system that encourages people to eat more of the wrong kinds of foods.”

Are you willing to rise up to the challenge?

“You vote with your fork every time you make a decision about what you’re eating, a vote for the kind of food system that you want. Do you want one that’s healthier for people and the planet or do you want one that’s not?”

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