Co-Ops Come to College

Ahh college!! It’s all about late nights, new friends, great memories, and the infamous freshman 15 thanks to an abundance of junk food and instant noodles. So, what is a health nut to do?

Lauren Troop, a college senior tells us, “the options that were available weren’t very extensive for people who don’t eat meat, or are gluten free or have some kind of dietary restriction.” But now more college students are forming and joining food co-operatives on campus, for access to fresh, healthy and affordable food.

“Co-operatives on campuses where students can get together, plan meals and cook together is fabulous. College students need access to fresh food because now, this is the time in their life when they are making these food decisions. And they need to start now with healthy habits.” Joan Salge Blake, an associate professor for Boston University Clinical.

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Proponents say the benefits go beyond nutrition and praise cooperatives as a great teaching tool too! Kathleen Grady, the Temple University Director of Sustainability says: “They’re getting hands on experience that they would never get in a classroom, and they’re being challenged to think about things that would never come up in books.”

Some students have even found a new calling…

Taylor Stack, a college junior tells us “After becoming a part of the co-op I realized that I love running my own business and I switched my major to entrepreneurship.”

Sounds like a win-win for all.

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