Culture Matters When Grocery Shopping

Did you know what you buy at the market is influenced by your heritage?

We all love cheap healthy meals, but your food radar in the supermarket may depend on your heritage. Nielsen researchers say growing up in a certain culture affects your preferences.

1. Meat and seafood

African American, Hispanic and Asian consumers buy more of these mealtime favorites. Asians lean more heavily to fish and African Americans hit the meat counter more.

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2. Fruits and veggies

Asian and Hispanic shoppers spend more of their budget in the produce aisles. Asians invest in green beans, sprouts and other veggies. While hispanics toss more fresh fruit in their carts. African American shoppers often stick to produce beverages, like juices.

3. Deli

The deli counter appeals to all ethnicities. White-non hispanics order products from all different cultures. Hispanics love their own specialty cheeses and Asians tock up on specialty meats and cheeses.

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