Lab-Grown Meat Might Take Over 2017

In the near future your filet mignon might not come from the butcher shop! But instead from a petri dish! It’s true!

There are already cultured burger patties and even a cultured meatball from Silicon Valley tech company, Memphis Meats.

The purpose of the lab-grown food, according to the manufacturer, is to help reduce our gas emissions, water use, land use and ecological footprint… plus, improve animal welfare. All of which are consequences of producing massive amounts of livestock to feed the world today.

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The concept sounds great, but the process unfortunately still involves the use of cows. In fact, cultured meat is made from stem cells taken from cows, which are then placed in a growth medium. Professor Mark Post, the researcher who actually created the first cultured burger, said the most efficient way of moving the process along would still involve slaughtering animals. His vision however would be to have a “limited herd donor of animals” where companies could get the stem cells from. As for the growth serum where the cells multiply… Yeah, that serum is taken from the heart of a fetal cow.

Let’s get down to the juicy stuff or the not so juicy stuff. Taste-testers of the burger said the texture felt like meat, but thanks to its zero-fat content it lacked the juiciness meat-eaters love.

I guess for now I’ll be sticking to the real thing!

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