Do You Eat Like Hillary or Trump?

My fellow Americans… If it’s true that you are what you eat, then what should we make of the eating habits of our presidential candidates?

Now, they might not see eye to eye on all the issues but according to the latest buzz, they unanimously agree on starting their day filling up on eggs. Seems they’re on to something since studies show eating eggs for breakfast keeps you fuller longer thanks to their perfect combo of protein and fat. It’s also important to note that egg yolk is considered a brain-boosting food. That’s because the choline in egg yolk converts to a neurotransmitter which is critical for memory function.

But when it comes to individual likes and dislikes, there is no doubt these two are different.

For example, Hillary isn’t really known for being a daring rebel, so it might surprise you that she has a love for jalapeños! That’s right this mamacita likes it hot and spicy. Researchers have linked liking chillies to that of seeking thrills. But the ultimate health benefit? Jalapeños and other chillies contain capsaicin which boosts endorphins and may help keep “bad” cholesterol levels at bay.

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Speaking of keeping things at bay… Donald trump says he stays clear of alcohol.

This will come in handy on the campaign trail since Boozing it up too much can cause dehydration, lead to fatty liver disease or cirrhosis over time and weight gain.

So when it comes to choosing your candidate, stick to the issues. But it wouldn’t hurt to wonder, “ask not what your food can do for you, but what food can do for your country.”

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