Science Used to Predict Tsunamis May Help You Eat Better!

Researchers at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization are trying to figure out ways to get people to eat healthier….

As well as trying to help companies discover ways to create healthier foods that the public will love. Employing the same technology used to predict tsunamis to build computer models of the human mouth, they’re looking to better understand what happens when different textured foods are consumed.

The models represent the shape of the teeth, the gums, the palate, the cheek and the throat. And the computers carefully document how everything moves when the different bites are eaten.

While describing the process to popular science, researcher Simon Harrison says they measure “…how sticky is it, how strong is it, if you crush it, how many pieces does it break it into…”

 Through a focus on texture, they hope they can figure out ways to make healthier foods more appealing for consumers.

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