Everything You Know About Protein is Wrong!

Listen Up Weight Lifters! I’ve got a dumbbell dropping shocker for you:

Everything you thought you knew about protein isn’t exactly right.

The widely held belief is that if you’re trying to bulk up you should consume about .63 to .77 grams of protein for every pound of bodyweight. So, your size played a big factor in how many protein shakes you were drinking…. Until now!

A new study finds that larger weightlifters with more muscle mass don’t need more protein than their smaller workout partners after hitting the weight room. Study participants were divided into 2 weight classes and completed a full body workout of 3 sets of 10 reps of chest press, lat pull-down, leg curl, leg press, and leg extensions plus a 4th and final set of the most reps they could do.

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Scientists studied their muscles and concluded that there was no difference in the muscle growth response to protein between the two groups. It’s actually the type of workout, either full body or just resistance exercise targeting – like what you would do on leg day – that determines how much protein you should have after pumping iron.

So no, just because you’re the largest guy in the room doesn’t mean you can hog up and eat all the meat in the fridge. I’m looking at you Chad…

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