Foodie Lovers, Facebook is Here to Please You

Facebook! A great place to check in on what your friends are up to, catch up on the latest viral cat videos and… order your food?

All yearlong, Facebook has been rolling out feature after feature in a series of updates. The most recent one?

Facebook Recommendations.

Through it, among other things, people will have the option to buy movie tickets, post stuff for sale and, you got it, order food from any local restaurant that uses or the Slice app. How do you do it? Simply go to the restaurant’s Facebook page and click on “Start Order.”

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Zuckerberg’s company isn’t the only tech giant trying to shorten the distance between you and your food. Recently, Google rolled out an update to Google Maps that allows you to order food directly from the app, too!

According to Facebook’s VP of ads and pages, it’s all about making the product more useful in your everyday life, and we are all about it. I mean, ordering food without having to interrupt my endless scroll down my timeline? Show me the like button!

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