Food Is The Muse And Tool For These Artists

Can Haute Cuisine be considered a work of art? If we go by this White Tuna from Le Bernardin in New York City or this Heart of Palm from Alinea in Chicago, it’s hard to argue against it.

But how about when food is used to create art?

Well, that’s just what artists Giulia Bernardelli and Hasan Kale do. Bernardelli uses foods like chocolate, coffee and honey to paint her stuff. But get this, she doesn’t use a paint brush… instead she uses a knife or a spoon. Her creations are based off of famous figures or famous stories like Alice in Wonderland and they are always painted with spontaneity, as if it was just a spill on the table. That’s a mess I wouldn’t mind cleaning up.

As for Kale, he uses different types of food as his canvas, and the results are mind blowing. Ever tried painting on a peanut husk, a swallow egg or an onion peel? Yeah, me neither. It seems impossible but Kale paints incredible and microscopic works of art that are intricately detailed. How does he do it? A mystery! But let’s just worry about eating and let him worry about that.

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