Is Your Favorite Food Emoji Worthy?

Food emojis! We all have our list of munchies we’d like to see turned into pixelated beauties, available at the touch of a screen for all our “hangry” texting needs. I mean… No sausage? No chips? Do you know how many vegan places would kill for a kale emoji? It all begs the question… Who gets to pick? Is it democratic? Do they go by popular vote or the Electoral College? Let’s break it all down!

The organization responsible for regulating which emojis are added and ensuring they work on different devices is called the Unicode Consortium.

After submission, a proposal for a new emoji has to go through two committees in order to get accepted. The criteria focus on determining things like expected usage levels and image distinctiveness and the process can take up to a year and a half.

But it’s not only the slow approval process keeping us from the emoji catalogue of our dreams. Those familiar with Unicode’s system argue that some foods just weren’t made to be emojis. Falafels, for example, would just look like a bunch of brown balls, and hummus could look like anything from ice cream to cream cheese.

I guess they have a point! The next release of emojis, coming out sometime in mid-2017, will include the pretzel, the takeout box and broccoli, as well as a couple of other new ones.

Which emoji are you missing?


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