Is the 5 Second Rule BS?

Some rules are meant to be broken, so do yourself a favor and make the 5 second rule one of them.

That’s because a new study from Rutgers university shot down the widely accepted belief that eating food off the ground within a 5 second window is “safe.”

Don’t want to believe me? Well, believe the science.

Researchers tested watermelon, bread, bread with butter and gummy candy on four different surfaces: stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood and carpet. After dropping the foods for different time intervals, they found that the transfer of bacteria to food can occur in less than one second.

You hear that? 1 second NOT 5!

ALSO the bacteria transferred faster with moisture… so the wetter the food, the higher the risk of contamination. It should be no surprise then the watermelon turned out to be the grimiest!

So put an end to the myth! And next time you call the 5 second rule… think about the big mouthful of bacteria you’ll be chowing on and instead leave it on the floor!


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Danielle Fernandez

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