Michelle Obama’s Parting Gift

Michelle Obama’s time as FLOTUS will go down as historic for many reasons, but a big part of her legacy will always be tied to healthier food initiatives.

Here are some of her most outstanding achievements

 1. Freshening up the school lunch program

 The healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act constitutes the first set of major changes to school meals in 15 years. Increasing the variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grain-rich foods available to kids. As well as limiting the calories, saturated fats, trans fats and sodium. It also reduced the cost of lunches for lower-income children.

 2. Taking on child obesity

 Michelle Obama launched the “Let’s Move” initiative, dedicated to fighting child obesity. Through it she has partnered with experts from both the private and public sector to bring attention to and help find solutions for the childhood obesity epidemic.

3. Getting the low-down on food labeling

Michelle Obama worked with the FDA to bring into effect the most significant change to nutritional information label guidelines in 20 years. That means listing added sugars and updating serving size info. As well as updating limits and recommended daily values, among other things.

Michelle Obama’s way of serving the nation followed a simple equation:

Healthier food for healthier kids = A healthier, stronger country


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