Garlic: The Unexpected Wingman

Listen up guys: this one is for you… If you need help with the ladies, ditch your axe body spray and start munching on some garlic.

Yes, the stuff that makes your breath stink.

Researchers asked women to sniff on different body odor samples from men and judge them based on their pleasantness, attractiveness, manliness, and intensity. The guys who had eaten garlic were perceived as being significantly more attractive and less intense.

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Wondering why? Well, researchers believe that eating garlic has positive effects on body odor due to its health benefits like antioxidants and anti-cancer effects. In fact, previous research has shown that even animals use diet-associated cues, like odor, to choose a mate in good physical condition. it’s basically sexual selection.

But remember, garlic breath is a major turn off. Guys, you can thank me later!

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