High Dining: Weed Infused Meals

When you think of weed and food, I’m sure edibles come to mind. But not for long…Now, there’s a new trend on the high; I mean rise:

Cannabis themed dinners.

Basically it’s all about strategically “infusing” any ingredient using cannabis oils and a vaporizer. By doing this, diners will have a different experience during each course of the meal since your food should taste that much better.

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And I’m not talking about brownies here. Some menus have consisted of scallops, gnocchi, and pork tenderloin all infused with marijuana. But California Chef  Chris Sayegh known as the “Herbal Chef” says the purpose of the dinner is about responsible dosing, not really about getting high.

Regardless, people want a bite of it. Chris himself has hosted his own pop-up dinners in Los Angeles, with each seat costing between $200 to $500. There’s a catch though, you need to be part of a “medical collective” to get a seat at this table.

Other big names in the cannabis food world are Chef Melissa Parks and Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg. And even those these dinners might be low key right now, keep your eye out for them in the future.

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