Is Marijuana During Pregnancy Safe?

The debate over cannabis is smoking hot…especially when it comes to pot and pregnancy.

According to a government survey, more than 3% of pregnant women admit to using cannabis while pregnant. Including this woman, we’ll call “Jane’, who used it for extreme nausea. “And as soon as I vaped the cannabis, instantly I was hungry and able to hold down entire meals, and it was great.”

Legality aside… is cannabis during pregnancy safe? There are numerous studies and a lot of back and forth. Researchers from the national institute on drug abuse reported the “evidence of the effects of marijuana on human prenatal development is limited.” But it says, “there is cause for concern.” It links cannabis use to “anemia” in the mother, “lower birth weight”, and says infants are more likely to “require placement in neonatal intensive care.”

“Jane” says her baby was born healthy, “and he has met all the major milestones.” Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh makes a living as a cannabis consultant. She points out many of the studies don’t account for other substances that may affect results.

“If you’re already using, you know, tobacco, alcohol during pregnancy, you’re more likely to also be using cannabis, and we really can’t say whether those patients who are reporting cannabis use are not taking other substances at the same time,” said Dr. Earlenbaugh.

While the debate rages on, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is urging pregnant women “to discontinue marijuana use.”

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