It’s World Chocolate Day! Eat Up!

It’s World Chocolate Day! And as if you’ve ever needed a legitimate excuse to indulge on chocolate, here are 6 SCIENTIFIC reasons as to why you should be munching on that chocolate bar right now:

Boo just dumped you? Eat Chocolate! Eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily has been found to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which may peak after a stressful event. He’ll come running back once he sees how good you look without him.

When you’re feeling stressed, reach for the chocolate bar. That’s because eating chocolate releases serotonin, which is known as an anti-depressant.

Netflix and chillin’? Keep it healthy with one ounce of dark chocolate that serves up a delicious dose of heart-healthy flavonoids at 170 calories.


Before hitting the gym chug the chocolate! Studies show fueling with chocolate milk over a sports drink mid-exercise improved endurance.

Knock out heart disease and protect your heart by eating 1 ounce of chocolate per day. The cocoa flavanols in dark & light chocolate boost good cholesterol!

And curb your cravings with dark chocolate. This sweet lowers appetite hormone levels! Added plus: its bitterness helps cut your craving for salty, sweet & fatty foods.