Millennials: The Healthier Generation?

Are millennials the ‘most health-conscious generation ever’?

According to a new report put out by the Halo Group, the answer is yes; 8 in 10 millennials say it’s important to eat healthy. They also believe it’s ok to indulge occasionally.

When it comes to learning more about what they eat:

  • 65% of millennials turn to nutritionists.
  • 58% turn to highly trained and accredited dietitians
  • 57% turn to family and friends to get the low-down
  • 54% check in with a personal trainer and 26% research packaging claims

Also, 24% of millennials use health apps to keep themselves in check. Besides health-conscious trends, the report also looks into what food is to millennials. Turns out it is much more than just filling the gut!

According to the report: “eating has a sense of adventure…there are always new foods to try and ways to mix and match flavors!”

They also tend to see food as a great opportunity to socialize and bond.

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