Moringa: The Next Superfood

Ah, left-wing dictators and superfoods!

They go together like chips and dip, peanut butter and jelly, long-ass beards and Cuban cigars.

Well, not really, but, that’s kind of how the legend started, anyways. At some point it got leaked that Hugo Chavez’ new diet was Moringa rich, as well as Fidel’s, and so the myth of their longevity became inextricably tied to the nutrient rich plant, making abuelas and parents all over Latin America forget about Vick’s VapoRub and Sana, Sana, Culito de Rana as their miracle go-to medicine, at least for a little bit.

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Now it seems the US is catching on.

Trend watchers are betting on Moringa to take over as the next big super-food, and according to the nutritionists, you should be happy about it.

The leaves of the Moringa tree contain more vitamin C than an orange, higher levels of calcium than milk, more vitamin A than a carrot and, get this, up to 25 times more iron than you can find in spinach. Oh, and did I mention that it helps prevent diabetes? Talk about super.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg and, if the trend stays on track, you should start seeing more and more Moringa-based products and additives poking up at different retailers. So go on, comrades, get your fix.

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