Naked Chicken Chalupa: A Blow To Your Gut

There’s a new Franken-food in town, guys!

Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa, with a crispy fried chicken shell subbing for the usual passé taco or chalupa shell.

An interesting choice for a product, to say the least! Taco Bell has built a solid rep in the last few years as one of the healthiest fast food places to grab a bite, with initiatives like the introduction of their Fresco, Cantina and vegetarian menus. But substituting your bun for fried meat? Talk about a blow to your gut. The Naked Chicken Chalupa packs more than twice the amount of sodium than the Chicken Chalupa Supreme, with 100 more calories and almost twice the total fat to boot. Also, the product is strangely reminiscent of KFC’s Double Down… Does that mean fast food tattoos are going to become a thing again?

It’s not the first time Taco Bell plays mad fast food scientist to get some publicity, I mean, remember that Cheetos burrito? But as long as their long-term focus remains on bringing a healthier offer to their customers, we’re down for a franken-taco every now and then.

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